Ho! New badges!
Where I can get those? From our events or asking from members of the board (e.g. rahastonhoitaja@olto.fi). 🙂

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Some major changes considering our website!

Our Domain has changed from old www.olto-kilta.fi to a bit shorter and concise www.olto.fi! Due to these changes, there are some changes in emails which you can check from here.



Hi you new student!

Check out our New student guide:

OLTO New students guide 2019 (download pdf)



Our beloved guild OLTO turns 24 years this year. In honor to that in caucus held in December, it was decided that OLTO 24 anniversary sitsit will be arranged
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sittning). The party will be arranged as the earlier parties (OLTO 20, OLTO 22) in October or November this Autumn. Anniversary sitsit is more dignified party than normal sitsit. Party consists of cocktail ceremony for guests with special invitation, main celebration (academic table party) including speeches, party program, three course dinner and singing, and more casual after party.For arrangement of the anniversary sitsit, a committee will be formed. The chairperson of the committee is anniversary sitsit rep (undersigned) who was elected in caucus. In addition to the chairperson multiple members of OLTO’s board will also join the committee. Because OLTO is surely close to the heart for many other OLTO members as well, we want to give everyone the possibility to take part in the planning and organizing of the party. If you want to take part in the arrangements join the committee by sending an email to the undersigned person by 31st of January.The first meeting of the committee will be held in February. Exact date and time will be decided by the committee as soon as it is formed.Looking forward to the party,
Anna Maijala
Anniversary sitsit rep 2017