Guild room of OLTO (HK208) locates at the end of Kemiankatu, second floor. You can easily find the way by walking to the end of Kemiankatu and there turning right. Then go through the class door and you’ll find a staircase. Go up to the second floor, and you are there already! OLTO signs will help you taking your way here!

The guild room of OLTO is a part of a guild room commune, which consist of Atlas (Geography students), Histoni (Biochemistry students), Valenssi (Chemistry), ESN (Erasmus Student Network) and NISO (Network of International Students in Oulu). The guilds share a kitchen, a bigger multipurpose room and a conference room. Naturally you find bathrooms from the commune. The rooms can be used to studying, playing games or just hanging around. In Multipurpose room there are plenty of sofas for relaxing and a projector owned by all the guilds, which can be used for example for the movie nights. In conference room there are tables, chairs and computers for more active studying as well as a Dartboard. In the kitchen you can find a fridge, microwave oven, electric kettle and OLTO’s coffee machine. The board can reserve a room for a meeting or game night with the lists on each shared room’s door.

OLTO’s own “cell” locates on the corridor of the guild commune (there’s a big OLTO sign, you can’t miss it). In the cell you can find a big sofa that almost fills half the room, a coat rack, a shelf for mugs and other things, and two desks with chairs. OLTO also has a laptop for all the guild members to use, and some exams as paper version as well as other useful material. However, the official exam archive is located at OLTO’s website: The agenda of next board’s assembly is always visible on the message board and there is also a feedback box so everyone can leave their suggestions/messages for OLTO. You can also buy coffee, tea and candy from the guild room. But the most important thing, chances are you’re going to find good company there!