Studying in University of Oulu

Medical Technology is an interdisciplinary branch of science, which is somewhere between technology, medicine and science. Roughly compartmentalized, from the sectors of Medical Technology, science brings basic knowledge and methods, technology tools and medicine use for these applications. In University of Oulu, you can study Medical Technology in the Faculties of Science, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and Medicine.

Medical Technology combines knowledge from all the branches of science and intends to form a seamless link in between them. One of the most important missions is to make sure the connection between different kinds of scientist stays excellent so the problems and solutions find each other more effectively.


Courses and course catalogues

Lists of courses and course catalogues of Medical Technology can be found by degree programme from WebOodi-portal of University of Oulu. You can browse courses and course catalogues without logging in. For example, course catalogues and lists of courses for both Bachelor and Master’s degrees for Medical and Wellness Technology can be found at: -> on left click Course catalogues from the section of Instruction/Courses -> Faculty of Medicine -> LTK – Medical and Wellness Technology

New Students

How to apply:

You can apply to study Medical Technology at following degree programmes:

Faculty of Medicine

– Programme of Medical and Wellness Technology

– Biomedical Engineering: Biomechanics and Imaging (Masters programme)

Faculty of Science:

– Programme of Physics

– Major of Biophysics

– Biomedical Engineering: Biophysics (Master’s programme)

Faculty of information technology and electrical engineering:

– Programme of Computer Science and Engineering

– Biomedical Engineering: Signal and Image Processing (Master’s programme)



In the programme of Medical and Wellness Technology, you major in Medical Technology. The degree is Masters of Health Science and you can choose to minor in either Biomedical Technology, Medical Imagining or Health Technology. In other faculties Medical Technology is either a minor or some optional courses.