Oulun lääketieteen tekniikan opiskelijat (Medical Technology students of Oulu) aka OLTO was founded in 1993. It is an association for all the students of University of Oulu interested in Medical Technology. OLTO intends to maintain relations to companies and experts of the field Medical Technology as well as to other universities and sister guilds.

The guild consists of approximately 200 members, which represent a vast variety of students and alumni from Faculties of Medicine, Science, Technology and Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. The members of the guild share the preoccupation of using their knowledge to the implementations and applications of Medical Technology and interest of engrossing into Medical Technology already during their studies.

Contacts to companies, guilds and experts of this field are aspired to maintain e.g. by participating in events, such as LFT-day (Lääketieteellisen Fysiikan ja Tekniikan päivä, day of Medical Physics and Technology) and seminars. OLTO intends to organize company presentations and working day exhibits, so the companies of the field of Medical Technology would be better known among the students. Every year in annual election meeting OLTO chooses an “Oltermanni” for forthcoming year. Criteria to get OLTOs “Oltermanni”: status will be given to a university teacher of Oulu University who has eagerly supported and developed medical technology as a branch.

Activity of OLTO has shown great development in the past few years. You get to know other students of Medical Technology from other faculties at the guild room, but also in sauna and movie nights and if you’re feeling sporty, OLTO has its own training shift. Besides these events OLTO organizes SitSit parties and other common events together with other guilds. The biggest and greatest event organized by OLTO is the anniversary ball that’s arranged every fifth year. Next (24th) anniversary is going to be celebrated this autumn at OLTO 24-SitSit party.

OLTO is the primary subject association for the students of Medical and Wellness Technology. However, OLTO is not a guild for the students of Medical and Wellness Technology solely, all the students who are interested are welcome to join. The membership is free. You get info of the events organized by the guild by subscribing to our mailing list, from our website, through social media and the guild’s notice board