1. What does OLTO mean?
a) Oulun Lääkäri- ja TeekkariOpiskelijat (Medical and Engineering students of oulu)
b) Olut Läikkyy Tänään Oulussa (Beer spills in oulu tonight)
c) Oulun Lääketieteen Tekniikan Opiskelijat (Medical technology students of oulu)
d) Oma Lehmä Toisen Ojassa (Your cow in someones ditch)

2. How old is OLTO this year?
a) 5 years
b) 15 years
c) 17 years
d) 28 years
e) 30 years

3. Who can join OLTO?
a) Medical engineering students
b) Medical biophysics students
c) Every member of OYY
d) Wellness and medical technology

4. From which faculty you can start studying biomedical engineering?
a) Faculty of medicine
b) Faculty technology
c) Faculty of information technology and electrical engineering
d) Faculty of science
e) Everything above

5. What animal is in the logo of OLTO?
a) Unicorn
b) Fish
c) Snake
d) bear

6. How many members does OLTO have?
a) about 1000
b) about 400
c) about 50
d) Every finnish person is a member of OLTO when they born

7. How to join OLTO?
a) Speak with a board member
b) Fill paper application
c) Fill application on this site
d) By scanning this QR code

8. How much does it cost to join OLTO?
a) 5 €
b) 10 €
d) 2 €
e) 2.60 €

9. What is the color of OLTO?
a) Red
b) Yellow
c) OLTOs blue
d) brown